Water Purification

We partner with Optima Process Engineering to offer a comprehensive professional water treatment and management specialist consultancy service to deliver real performance, reliability, cost and water security benefits.
Providing in depth investigation of potential environment around raw water or wastewater in the design of our treatment plants; innovative water treatment process design, manufacture and installation; and operation and maintenance management services from extensive knowledge over 25 years globally in the water industry.
Optima’s experience in water chemistry and analytical sciences, coupled with our experience in mechanical filtration processes, ensures that our clients receive the most professionally designed water treatment plants, specifically optimised for their particular needs, covering:


  • Sea water desalination,
  • Brackish ground water desalination or iron removal,
  • Hardness removal/ water softening,
  • Seepage water treatment,
  • Surface/river water treatment,
  • Municipal water re-treatment,
  • Industrial water & process water treatment,
  • De-ionisation,
  • Wastewater recycling for re-use
  • Ozone disinfection systems

We can offer these solutions for sale or offer a treatment service (build own operate) where the client pays for the water or wastewater treatment service provided.


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