The Tsakane WWTW is one of 19 WWTWs owned and operated by East Rand Water Care Company (ERWAT), an award-winning and progressive wastewater utility, who serve more than 3.5 million people and some 2,000 industries near Johannesburg.
The original WWTW at Tsakane was designed to treat an average of 10,800 m3/day of wastewater however following rapid growth of the township, the WWTW became overloaded, thereby requiring the need to increase the capacity of the plant. The HYBACS® upgrade has been designed to more than double the capacity of the existing plant, thereby servicing a 75,000 population equivalent (PE).
The upgrade includes 12 SMART Units, the unique component of the HYBACS® process. A major benefit of the HYBACS® solution is that it avoids the need to build any additional structures, thus reducing the cost substantially and enabling the upgrade to be carried out swiftly and without affecting the operation of the existing treatment plant.
We provided the following services to ERWAT: Process Design, Technology supply, Project Management assistance and will be providing a 3 year Performance Management and maintenance service to optimize the performance of the upgraded HYBACS® plant. ┬áThe cost of the upgrade is less than R6m per Ml/d of treatment capacity added.

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