The Hartbeesfontein WWTW is situated in the town of Hartbeesfontein, in the North West Province, and is owned and operated by the City of Matlosana Local Municipality. The town’s 4 megalitres per day WWTW was severely overloaded due to an increase in influent volume combined with an increase in influent strength due to a local abattoir discharging into the town’s sewerage system.
The consulting engineer, Moedi Consulting Engineers, recommend an upgrade from 4 to 8 megalitres per day to handle the additional load. The key criteria in process selection was to maximise the existing infrastructure, ensure high quality treatment, keep both CAPEX and OPEX costs down, and employ an energy efficient process.
Having already experienced the high quality treatment capability, low energy and maintenance costs, small footprint and rapid deployment of HYBACS® on their Botleng and Swartruggens projects, HYBACS® was the natural choice for Moedi Consulting Engineers when engaged by the Matlosana municipality at Hartbeesfontein.
This is a retrofit designed to double the plant capacity from 4 to 8 megalitres per day, an uplift of around 60,000 Population Equivalent. This is being achieved with the installation of eight SMART™ units, and the construction of an additional anaerobic tank and an additional clarifier to handle the increase in hydraulic load.
The first project phase, which is in commissioning phase, comprises the deployment of six SMART™ units, the system that powers the HYBACS® process, and provides treatment capacity for 6 megalitres per day. A further two SMART™ units will be deployed to bring the capacity up to 8 megalitres per day.

Hartbeesfontein Brochure

3 SMART Units, showing the LCPs, Motor drive and Gearbox, and the GRP Covers.

Close up of SMART unit LPC and DO Monitor

Close up of the SMART unit Sumitomo motor and gear drive.


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