Protection and efficient use of precious natural resources

Headstream’s mission is to provide practical, sustainable water and other environmentally friendly technologies to protect the environment, uplift communities and make a meaningful contribution towards the efficient use of water and energy resources in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Water and climate change have become increasingly important in the international debate over the past decade. Much has been written in the popular and technical press of the abuse of natural resources of our planet and the need to address the use and sustainability of our natural resources.

One third of the world’s population currently lives in water stressed countries. Southern Africa in particular is a severely stressed area with water shortages hindering economic growth. Cleaning wastewater to safe levels and recycling where appropriate is vitally important to avoid the deterioration of the ecological balance and meet human needs in terms of fresh water. Untreated or poorly treated wastewater discharged into rivers and the sea can exceed the natural treatment capacity of the aquatic milieus and trigger eutrophication phenomena. It is also a major source of microbial contamination and has resulted in outbreaks of cholera in parts of northern South Africa.

The need for wastewater treatment technology application is now more important than ever, particularly given the poor state of wastewater and water treatment infrastructure in Southern Africa. Treatment is needed so that rivers and streams can be used for fishing, irrigation and drinking water and treated wastewater can be reused for agriculture and industrial needs. Population and industrial growth have increased the demands on water resources worldwide and progress in managing pollution and waste has barely kept ahead of population growth, changes in industrial processes, technological developments, changes in land use, business innovations and many other factors.It is imperative now that past approaches used to treat water and wastewater must be modified to accommodate current and emerging issues, and therefore technologies need to be environmentally and economically sustainable. Headstream’s current wastewater and water treatment technologies will make an immediate and significant impact in ensuring our precious water resources are protected from pollution and a growing population has increased access to safe drinking water.

Sustainable and economically viable financing solutions

As a result of increasing demand and poorly managed supply, the economics for wastewater and water development, maintenance and management are changing rapidly in Southern Africa. As such it is becoming ever more critical that governments and the private sector work together to finance the development of the region’s wastewater and water treatment infrastructure, including its operation and maintenance.

Headstream’s management team has a strong background in the financing of water infrastructure and a focus of the company is securing and structuring innovative and sustainable funding structures to develop and maintain wastewater and water treatment infrastructure in Sub Saharan Africa.

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